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What's Your Story?

At Sunny Oranges, we are storytellers. We are creators. We are passionate about helping you tell your story. 

Based in Orlando, Florida, Sunny Oranges is a boutique video production company that takes a unique approach to crafting compelling video. Founded by a veteran journalist, Sunny Oranges understands the power of good storytelling. 

We work with nonprofits, start-ups and brands to make purposeful stories that create a real connection with the viewer. We believe in a hassle-free experience where we treat our clients like partners.

Whether it's a 60-second video for Facebook or a longer documentary for your website, Sunny Oranges creates authentic stories that leave a lasting impression.


What We Do at Sunny Oranges

Sunny Oranges doesn't have clients; we have partners. We work to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. Check out the variety of services we offer below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.


There is no one-size-fits-all video. And so, the video needs of everyone we work with is different. We approach every video as a unique project. We listen and work with you to ensure the final product is exactly what they want.